Scholarships Offered for Sister Cities Youth Leadership Summit

The Sister Cities International Youth Leadership Summit, to be held August 1-5, 2018, in Colorado.
Through a specialized diplomatic simulation (typically sponsored by the US State Department), site visits, speaker sessions, and peer collaboration, the students will learn how different national interests drive international cooperation on critical issues. The Summit is wonderful for developing problem solving and leadership skills. Additionally, participants meet other students from around the country and world.
The Suffolk Sister Cities organization has scholarship funds available for students interested in attending,  so each participant’s share is just $100. This covers the meals and lodging at the University of Denver, as well as activity costs.
Enrollment is quickly filling up and registration is expected to close within the next few weeks. Interested students should use the attached registration form if they would like to take advantage of scholarship funds. It can be mailed to SSCI, PO Box 796, Suffolk, VA 23439 or scanned and emailed to Maryanne Persons at
Students will also need to procure their own airline ticket to the conference. We have additional funds to assist with, though not fully cover, transportation.
If you or your students/parents have any questions, they may contact me at 757-651-8826, after 4 p.m.
Additional information about the conference can be obtained at: