Is Your Teacher on This List?

Suffolk Public Schools is proud of all of its outstanding teachers — from those just starting their classroom careers to veterans who have impacted a generation of students.  Congratulations to the teachers recently selected by their peers to represent their school in the city-wide recognition program for the 2018 Teacher of the Year and Rookie Teacher of the Year.  City-wide winners will be announced in March, including one veteran teacher selected to represent Suffolk in the regional competition. Regional honorees then continue on to state and national recognition.

Location Teacher of the Year Rookie Teacher of the Year
BTWES Adriane Bradley-Gray Kathy Rubio
CES Amanda Giarratano No Rookie to Nominate
EFES Jessica Vargas No Rookie to Nominate
FBES Nichole Kincheloe Taylor Flick
HES Vickie Wilson Hope Mounie
KSES Lauren Bradley Lauren Baker
MBJES Shawn Tucker No Rookie to Nominate
NPES Qua Cummings Barbara Sinclair
NSES Melanie Burnor No Rookie to Nominatee
OES Julianne Tise Kellee Sweeney
PES Alexandra Eggleston No Rookie to Nominate
CFCMS Patricia Waegerle Sarah Schweit
FGMS Natalie Rotzler No Rookie to Nominate
JFKMS Jamilla Ford Peyton Henderson
JYMS Jennifer Putzig Candice Jae
KFMS Valerie Smith Mary Mesisco
KFHS Tiwana Copeland Ashley Josshua
LHS Ronald Daughtrey Cassandra Eagan
NRHS Angela McElroy Sarah Crane
TWS Janay Bradford No Rookie to Nominate
CCAP Anne Hudson William Hallwig